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Inside the Minds: Collaboration and the secrets to scaling design in Finance
When a UX or UI decision can impact millions of customers, it is clear that design has become a fundamental part of business strategy. This is also the reality for the financial services sector, for which the focus on design has become increasingly important in recent years.

Companies in this sector face the same challenges as other industries: they need to put the customer at the center when developing new products and services, improve collaboration between teams and bring the product including stakeholders from across the business closer together. In many companies the sphere of influence spreads wide – from designers, researchers, UX writers to engineers, product managers and more.

Sign up to learn from Miriam Leparoux (comdirect) and Jolene Tan-Davidovic (N26) about:

1. How UX design transforms access to financial services
2. How user research impacts product decisions
3. What factors make a design team successful
4. How to measure success from a design standpoint
5. How to scale design teams
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